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Look beyond your Mortgage

It’s amazing how easily your day-to-day outgoings mount up.

Did you know …..

1 It costs on average £11,040 a year to raise a child until they’re 21.
2 It cost around £6,072 a year for a part-time nursery.
3 The average household spends £1,341.60 a year on gas, electricity and other fuels.
4 The average household credit debt is £6,757.

How would you pay your regular outgoings if anything happened to you?

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1. Cost of a child report, 2016.

2. Average cost of a child under 2,25 hours a week, Childcare Cost Survey 2016,

3. January 2016.

4., figures for 2015 March 2016, published in May 2016.


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