The History Of Ringrose Grimsley

The original practice was formed in 1992 by Terry Grimsley and Gordon Ringrose operating under the name Ringrose Grimsley & Co. Gordon and Terry were both fully qualified advisers who wanted to be able to offer the kind of service they themselves would wish to receive but was increasingly difficult to find.

The practice started with a few key clients who recognised that the advice they were receiving would enable them to make the most informed, and therefore most appropriate, decisions for the security and prosperity of their future.

Initially, the practice operated from rented premises on the outskirts of Peterborough. During 1998 Gordon retired from full time advising Terry became the sole owner of the practice.

In late 1998 Terry was joined by David Frankland, an IFA from Equity & Law.

Over the following years the practice continued to grow and a substantial step forward was made by acquiring owned offices (See SIPPs).

Having built a strong base the next major improvement had to be technology and, whilst commonplace today, investing in state of the art servers and a secure network was a major step forward.

In early 2003 a bespoke client database was installed; the only real option for us to have a system that worked when we wanted and how we wanted. Fortunately, we didn’t need to look further than our own client bank. Richard Berry of Desktop Logic provided the perfect solution for all our complex and somewhat demanding needs. Richard continues to develop this project with us to date!

When the business was acquired by David Frankland in December 2003 a number of further changes and improvements were made to give our clients even more advantages. This included incorporating Ringrose Grimsley & Co as a Limited company and acceptance by the FSA (The Financial Services Authority) to be directly regulated by them. A new branding was created and we were, from then on, known as RGL.

The history of RGL or Ringrose Grimsley Limited shows that each move, each investment and each change has been progressive and resulted in our ability to give better service to our valued and appreciated clients.

As the business expanded, the practice purchased and moved in to The Old Chapel in Castor, on the outskirts of Peterborough. In 2007, an opportunity arose to sell the building and move into central Peterborough in order to take the business on another step forward.

In 2008, after an extensive search, and two major disappointments we eventually found a new “home” in brand new offices in the Orton Southgate area of Peterborough, giving immediate access to the A1 as well as swift communications to all other parts of Peterborough. The shell of a building was purchased in April, and we were working from our custom offices by 3rd June 2008.

In true style most of the work was completed by clients of ours and it was down to their hard work and tenacity that we achieved our objective.

Data and Security

As the practice has grown, it has been imperative that we grow in to and with the digital age. Our industry loves paper and we have worked hard to establish a secure data mining, storage and destruction process. As part of this process we introduced a fully integrated documents scanning system. This means that over 90% of our mail, client transactions, and other paper is now electronically scanned at point of receipt and allocated only to the client file. This has reduced dramatically paperwork held within the office and has meant that documents can now be accessed quickly and efficiently. The system is bespoke to us and was constructed by Richard Berry (one of our long term clients). We are currently working on scanning our archived and historical documents.

Data is our most valuable asset and we guard it jealously. We will NEVER sell/distribute/use your personal data to any other party.

All sensitive paper work is confidentially shredded and is always recycled.


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