protectionLife Insurance

This is the simplest form of protection.  As its name suggests, it covers you if you die. There are a  number of different options – such as Level Term, Decreasing Term, Whole of Life and Renewable Term.  Sounds confusing?  Don’t worry, we are here to help you decide which is appropriate for your needs.  Our advisers are experts at ensuring you have the right cover in place, and will explain all the options to you in clear English.

Critical Illness Cover

This insurance covers you should you suffer from a Serious Illness, such as Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke!  We all know someone who has suffered from a life changing illness and seen the devastation it can cause.  The statistics are frightening – with Cancer causing 1 in 4 of all UK deaths, and 352,000 new cases diagnosed every year! How would you and your family cope if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? There are many different policies available in the market place – each with their own unique offerings.  Trying to decide which is the best for your circumstances can be difficult.  Our advisers are able to find the right policy for you, by searching and comparing all the policies currently available.

Income Protection

This insurance is designed to pay you a replacement income if you are too ill or injured to work. Your income provides your lifestyle, and is one of the most important things we have – without it our current commitments, such as a mortgage,  and future plans, like retirement, can’t be supported. Maybe you have a generous employer who will pay you for 1 or 3 months if you are ill, but what if you are off work for longer?  If you are self-employed, how will you pay the bills if you can’t go out to your clients? Again, there are many different types of policy available, and our Advisers will talk to you and find a suitable policy for you and your family.

Private Medical Insurance

This product allows you to access high quality private medical facilities near to you.  It can cover everything from specialist consultancy fees, through to all operations, test and even nursing at home after an operation.  Many people want to access specialists and have an operation without having to wait for a potential slot some months in the future.  These policies generally give access to the latest drugs and procedures that may not yet be available in the public health system.  The options are many, and lots of people find it difficult to make a choice on what they need.  We can help guide you and explain the different levels of cover and how it will affect your treatment.

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