Private Medical Insurance
Life Assurance
Critical Illness Cover
Income Protection
Family Income Plans

ISAs and PEPs
Unit Trusts and OEICs (open ended
investment contract)
Child Savings Plans
Investment Bonds

First Time Buyers
Home Movers
No Deposit Mortgages
Remortgaging Your Existing Home
Raising Finance For Foreign Properties

New Pension Plans
Group (company) Schemes
Releasing Frozen/Old Pensions
SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions)

Inheritance Tax
Planning and Mitigation
Wills and Probate (Through Trusted Associates)

The FSA do not regulate every product/advice - please see contact page

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Your existing lender may charge you an early redemption fee should you repay your mortgage early

Clear, Independent Financial Advice That Will Help You Make Well Informed Decisions about Your Financial Security and Your Future

Making important decisions about your finances and your financial future can be difficult. There are so many different options available it can make your head spin.

To help you make informed and qualified decisions you need clear, independent financial advice that you can depend upon, communicated in plain language, and that's where Ringrose Grimsley comes in.

Peace of Mind with your Finances

You will receive clear, independent, timely and accurate advice to enable you to make fully informed and qualified decisions so that you can sleep well at night, having complete peace of mind that you have made the best decisions for you.

It's important that any decision you make takes into account all of your goals, any challenges and your aspirations and expectations, along with the quality of life you're looking for.

A unique proposition?

With the addition of a PMI expert (see below) we are now able to offer expert advice, in all areas of financial planning, thereby giving you the opportunity to access all this from one reputable source.

One client who has already experienced this said to us "it's really great, easy and reassuring that all my financial areas are being well looked after by the team at RGL".

Financial Protection and Investment Advice

John Davidson has recently joined us to be our expert, Independent Adviser, on Private Medical Insurance (PMI) and Protection products.

Reliable and accurate financial assistance isn't just there to cover you in case of a rainy day, bad health or a problem. Yes, life insurance, critical illness cover and unemployment cover are important as they give you 'breathing space' when you need it most. This type of protection cover ensures that the difficult times aren't compounded by financial worries.

Your financial adviser is also there to help you get the best out of your hard earned money, and the best out of your life. It's here that investments come in. It may be ISA's, PEPs and bonds or maybe unit trusts, whatever advice you're given, you'll find it's the best for you based upon your personal situation at the time.

The same goes for other investment advice such as business finances, personal pensions, stakeholder pensions, group pensions or any type of pension planning.

Getting the Right Mortgage Advice for You

For most of us buying a house is the largest investment we ever make, so it pays to ensure you know what your options are. You'll find that we won't just give you two or three options we'll give you as many as you need to find the absolute best deal for you at the time. We're happy to check that for you periodically to make sure that it is still the best deal for you.

Financial Advice is all about the future

Financial planning is an ongoing process . financial institutions such as banks, building societies and other finance companies don't stand still where money is concerned, and neither should you if you want to make your money work hard for you.

Your financial security, wellbeing and peace of mind will come from good, solid, dependable financial information, tailored specifically to your goals and objectives but it must be completely 'in tune' with your goals and lifestyle.